Shopping for supplements is hard. Nootritious Shop puts the power back in your hands, the consumer. We help you determine the best supplements by making hidden information visible. We provide insights that go beyond the marketing claims so you know what you’re putting in your body. We keep companies honest. Our website is created by nutritionists and dietitians in training in addition to consultation from medical doctors. Feel free to contact us at if you require clarification.

Despite the name, we are not a shop, we link products that are sold elsewhere on the internet, usually iHerb but occasionally directly from the brand.

1) Which brand to buy?

So you’ve gone to a medical professional and they’ve recommended you to take some magnesium and vitamin D with K2 for general health. What now? If you’re like most people, you want a high quality product at a fair price. We evaluate brands based on their ingredient quality, and evaluate price / standardized serving to avoid confusion with inconsistent serving sizes. We also provide information on pill sizes and warnings when pills may be too large. In addition we provide a daily/weekly/monthly intake cost estimate.

2) How do I take?

Dosage instructions are often vague, and can be actively detrimental at times. They are also unspecific to the individual. A 200 pound adult male shouldn’t be taking the same dose as a 120 pound female. We provide dosage ranges (dose/kg) that are standardized according to the best studies. When you take certain supplements can greatly affect the benefits or in some cases can exacerbate the side effects. We provide evidence based timing for all supplements we review on this site. Our advice is vetted by doctors and/or nutritionists.

3) Best combination of supplements to take

We read a lot of studies, conducted by those working on the cutting edge. In many studies, combination doses of popular supplements have been determined to be more effective than isolated intake. Whether you’re an athlete, office worker or simply wanting to feel better, we provide information on these combinations in our reviews. We provide warnings on drug interactions where they are present.

4) Explore

We’ve indexed a wide range of popular health supplements by category, and reviewed most of them. The supplement brands we choose are approved for quality and are in many cases, personally tested.

5) Where to buy supplements

Unless the supplement is on a heavily discounted sale, it is usually cheaper to buy it online. Nootritious Shop links to supplements that we review, through an affiliate link. We always try to link to the lowest price available, whether this is through Amazon or iHerb. Our links are continually updated and vetted to ensure you get the best price.

Don’t know where to start?

If you aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help! Nootritious has identified companies that score highly on ingredient quality, manufacturing standards and overall transparency in our company guides. Look for the badge of approval – this means a company readily provides information on their manufacturing processes and ingredients on their website. They must also provide ingredient sourcing on the label. All our data is checked by a human – we don’t rely on scraping.

Healthcare Company Transparency Database

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Why are labels important?

Current lab tests for impurities do not test for many substances. Lab tests can only find what they are designed to test for – usually, a small handful of key ingredients. Harmful things can slip through the cracks, and supplement companies are too willing to turn a blind eye due to cost. After all, nobody else is doing it. However, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of business practices that obfuscate their ability to evaluate ingredient sourcing. Generally, companies that have transparency in labelling are likely to be more transparent in all aspects of their production and is reflected in quality of product. This is not always the case however it indicates at the very least, a verifiable supply chain.

Labels also disclose whether companies produce their own supplements in-house or whether they outsource production. When you hear companies claim to test for impurities from third-party suppliers, take this with a grain of salt. It is near impossible for local companies to verify the unknown toxicities that are present in the water and raw materials used by their suppliers. Most companies don’t. It is costly to conduct tests for PCBs,  dioxins and GMO status. This is in addition to existing tests for heavy metals, active ingredient concentrations and allergens.